To introduce myself briefly: I am a product designer with...

1) Nine years of problem-dealing experience: Problem-spotting, problem-framing, and problem-solving skills honed to perfection in academic philosophy,

2) Six years of freelancing experience: As proven by a stellar client rating of 4.99/5.00, I understand business goals, requirements, and restrictions, and make sure to provide the best possible outcome,

3) Exceptional product design skills: Ranked in the Top 1% of designers worldwide by Uxcel. View report here:

In a previous life, I was pursuing an academic career in academic philosophy. Lastly, I was a probationary doctoral candidate at Central European University's department of philosophy, which is globally ranked 33rd, and before that I got a BA and MA from the top two philosophy departments in Turkey, my home country.

I am looking to share my thoughts not only on design, but also on, well, basically everything here.

Have a great day!

Göksu Dayan